Certus Psychiatry Specializes in Teen, Adult, Geriatric, Couple, and Family Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Services

From our offices in Winston-Salem and Raleigh, Certus Psychiatry can assist with these and other mental issues:
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Attention deficit disorders including Qbtech testing
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Depression, including treatment-resistant depression therapies (TMS & Ketamine)
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sleep disorders

We can typically see with new patients within five business days, or less!
Can’t get to our Raleigh or Winston-Salem offices? No worries!
We offer TeleHealth visits to anyone living in North Carolina.

Let’s Move Forward Together


44 million Americans (roughly 20% of adults and 17% of youth) experience a mental illness.

You may feel incredibly isolated in how you feel. Like physical illnesses that can worsen when left untreated, mental illnesses won’t resolve on their own.

We want you to feel empowered and free from judgment when you come to us for your mental health care.

Change starts with action, so reach out to schedule an appointment at our Winston-Salem or Raleigh offices or schedule a TeleHealth from anywhere in North Carolina.

If you have any questions, please call us at 833-701-3111.

Always Accepting New Patients

Full Service Practice

  • Psychiatry – We specialize in treating emotional and behavioral health disorders.
  • Integrated Care Services – From weight management and nutrition support to physical wellness and overall well-being, we treat the “whole you.”
  • Therapy – for individuals, couples, and families, and focused therapies for specific issues like depression, OCD, trauma, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and more.
  • Ketamine, TMSand many other options are available for those who have not experienced positive results through traditional treatment.

“Believe in WE!” and discover how Certus will work with you to create workable solutions for better emotional and physical health and long-term wellness.

We’re here to help you find your path to better mental wellness, which may include any number of therapies designed to help you get well.

About Certus Psychiatry & Integrated Care

At Certus, we are a stigma-free zone where you can come with peace of mind knowing you are getting the right care.

  • Experienced Professionals – Headed by board-certified psychiatrist Gisela Knebl Kohl, Certus has an incredible team of medical care providers, clinical therapists, licensed social workers, and certified counselors ready to see you through your recovery.
  • TeleHealth– Certus has been offering TeleHealth and Counseling online since 2018. You may find this more convenient and comfortable than meeting in person.
  • Patient Portal – Access your records, schedule appointments, make payments, and more through our convenient portal
  • Insurance – We accept most insurance and Medicare. To best determine coverage,  contact your insurance carrier. We apologize, but we cannot accept Medicaid patients at this time. Financing options are available through Care Credit.
Certus Psychiatry, Winston-Salem, NC

 Winston-Salem Office

1255 Creekshire Way
(between Brixx and Firebirds)

Raleigh Office

1350 Sunday Drive
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“Believe in WE” and discover how Certus Psychiatry will work with you to create workable solutions for better emotional and physical health and long-term wellness.